We've migrated all the Slack messages!

You may have noticed but hopefully you didn’t! that I migrated all the Slack messages over to the Slack Archives channel this morning. I at least, don’t see any evidence/clutter unless I go to the Slack Archives channel and look directly. :smile: :dancers: :penguin: :hamster:

The only thing that isn’t “done done” is the content of “posts” are still on Slack. The start of a topic that comes from a post looks something like this:

with a link back to the Slack copy of whatever file started that off. I’ve downloaded all these (there are about 40-45 of them) into a Google Drive folder, and there are then a few options:

  • Leave things alone and trust Slack to stay around as long as we care about the content in those.
  • Edit the posts to contain links to the GDrive copies (where you trust Google and me to stay around).
  • Attach the relevant file to each starting post, which puts everything on Slack.

I’m guessing that the last one would make the most sense, but it would probably take a couple of hours which I won’t have for a while.


Any of the options are fine with me, with #3 being preferred but I also entirely understand the lack of time.

Everything looks great to me! I had 2 notifications from the process, from @ tags that didn’t get cleaned (example). Definitely not a big deal.

Bummer, and super glad it was only 2. (Hoping @lspector didn’t get too many, as he’s also in that example.) I’m not sure why those snuck through; presumably there’s something going on there that snuck past my regex. :grimacing: Probably not going to bother trying to figure it out given that we’ll never run the script again.

If we go with option #3, then it’s likely to be a while, given that I’m swamped at the moment, but if people don’t mind waiting a while we can go down that road.

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Just got a handful of notifications myself, and everything else looks great.

I agree that it’d be nicest for everything eventually migrate to Discourse (e.g. because I wonder if Slack may disable our group at some point due to lack of activity…), but it’s certainly not urgent.

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