View edit history?

I want to patch up the situation with the epsilon lexicase selection posts (and, @williamlacava, finally address the updated version of the GECCO paper) but for some reason I’m not seeing the way to see the edit history of a Discourse post. Googling gets me Q&A about things that assume this is obvious (like how can I prevent people from seeing the edit history, etc.)… but I’m not finding it obvious… Anyone see it?

Take this post as an example. At the top of the post, there’s a green “pencil and paper” icon that lets you edit a post, and a grey pencil icon that shows you the edit history. If you’re not seeing it on a post, then the post has never been edited. If you’re not seeing it on the linked post, then there’s something wrong with your browser/Discourse/what have you.

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Thanks! I had clicked on the date next to the grey pencil many times, thinking (why?) that it was part of the same “button” as the pencil, and being surprised that it didn’t show me the history. Maybe I was also thrown by the fact that what it does give you is a link to the post, which is weird.

Anyway, obvious now – thanks!

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