Upgrading Discourse

@vgabruzzo: I see “Your Discourse installation is out of date. Click here to upgrade.” on my Admin page. Is this something that you should do, or should I go ahead and do that?

I’ve done updates on our Discourse install here, and it’s always turned out to be straightforward and painless. I don’t know what it does to users while it’s happening, though, and whether one should be a bit careful about the timing on that front. We don’t have many people using ours (yet?), so it hasn’t been an issue, but this one is a lot busier so it might be a bigger deal here.

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Hi all,

Feel free to run the upgrades from the discourse panel. So far they have been painless and they don’t actually cause any downtime. Once in awhile I have to run upgrades on the server itself but I’ll let you know about those when they happen (not often).

I’m looking into the latex issue now.

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I pressed the Upgrade button, it said “Upgrade in progress…” or something like that for a while, and then for a few minutes I couldn’t reach the site at all and I was getting “the site is offline” messages. I was just writing emails saying that I was sorry I broke it when it reloaded successfully… but it still says it should be upgraded, and I’m afraid to touch that button :confused:.


There was an unrelated issue on the server that gave it a hiccup for a few minutes, you didn’t break it that was just a coincidence. I upgraded discourse to see if it helped with latex; it doesn’t :confused:

Discourse is updated and upgrading it from that button is fine in the future. I’ll send you an email before doing server upgrades, which again aren’t too often.

As far as latex, it seems to be broken with new versions of discourse, there is a pull request here: https://github.com/kasperpeulen/discourse-mathjax/pull/32
hopefully they merge it sooner than later but the repo doesn’t seem too active

Thanks so much @vgabruzzo! I’m relieved that I didn’t break it, and I hope that the LaTeX issue will be resolved in a future update.

@lspector: so it looks like the mathjax plugin is broken only when pages are dynamically loaded via AJAX. so it’s still possible to render the latex by simply refreshing a page URL that has the latex code on it. Can you please try this out and confirm? At least everyone can render the latex if that’s the case!

@vgabruzzo (and note, @erp12 and @williamlacava): Weird but true. If I just go to a page showing LaTeX it doesn’t render correctly, but then if I refresh the page it does!

I’m gonna guess that somebody has put the MathJax javascript load at the bottom of the page.

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