Tracking Projects

This is just a place on Discourse to chat about ways to track our projects, which @erp12 raised here with a suggestion about using Github’s new projects feature… but maybe that wouldn’t work well for things that transcend or aren’t yet distilled into projects? Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this?

What we’re currently sort-of doing is using pinned wiki posts for research and development ideas, but this isn’t great for a couple of reasons, including the ways edits do/don’t produce notifications.

Meta meta comment: I considered posting this in Software or Chat, but chose Meta since it’s also about this Discourse site (and the difficulty of categorizing things :blush:).

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I have used many different tools that all are great for tracking projects such as Trello and Jira if you can actually get into the practice of checking them. (I think Trello would be more applicable to this group).

My biggest issue with these kinds of tools is that I have to start keeping up with another whole new site/app. The more locations a group has to keep up with, the more confusing the conversations get and the more updates slip through the cracks.

Thats why I was excited about Github’s new projects feature, although it would only be relevant for projects related to Clojush. Also, I don’t believe Github’s projects can be made private.

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“Jira is where good ideas go to die.”

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I use Trello for personal stuff and it works great, but I’m not sure how much we want to focus on project management type stuff as opposed to just an easy way to visualize ideas?