The Chat category seems to have weird permissions

Laverne (@schr1230) can see every category except for Chat, which I doubt is what was intended? :neutral_face:

Weird. I’ll check.

Weirder still, it’s on purpose (by the Discourse designers) and apparently unchangeable… (but see below) When I go to its security settings, which say that you need trust level 3 to create/reply/see, it also says “Warning: This category is a pre-seeded category and the security settings cannot be edited. If you do not wish to use this category, delete it instead of repurposing it.”

So bleah.

But then I found out a way to give everybody I’ve added trust level 3 automatically! And I have done that. Does anybody know if this is insane? While we try to figure that out, please everybody be nice :-). And in the meantime, @schr1230 please check if you can see chat now.

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The category is still invisible for me.

Bummer… I’m at a bit of a loss but I think maybe if you comment on some conversations then it will bump up your trust and let you in. The trust system on the site is a bit of a mystery to me. I’ll continue to poke around a bit too…

Update: I think I just bumped up your trust. Try again?

Thanks for looking into this. I think they’re assuming a more “public” install, and that they don’t want totally random people spamming the Chat category. It’s probably not a big deal; it just was odd that I “introduced” @schr1230 here, and it turned out that he couldn’t see his introduction. :smirk:

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Ah, that did it. I now have access.


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