I'm sill happy with Discourse, but FWIW

This isn’t anything that I’m particularly interested in pursuing, but I thought some of you who were here when we transitioned from Slack to Discourse might be interested to know that the Clojure community seems to be hitting some limits/issues with Slack, and in discussing them somebody posted the following.

Here is an essay I wrote in January 2016 against using Slack for FOSS (which cites that Ryver page):

The biggest practical issue (ignoring philosophical ones or theoretical ones) is probably “Slack is focused on teams, not communities”.

The essay mentions some FOSS alternatives including Mattermost (which can import Slack history) and Matrix.org (which is decentralized).

Perhaps someone knows if there is already a Clojure/ClojureScript frontend to Matrix.org? :slight_smile:

Others have mentioned that there are also some snazzy new tools that might be even more appealing, like irc and email :blush:.


Absolutely agree. Also TBH I wouldn’t expect Slack to survive much longer as a company, since 100% of the project and community Slack teams I belong to are free, and all of them have long-since passed their storage and memory limits.

their business model is to slowly put all your conversations behind a paywall and ransom them back to you… seems pretty effective so far. despite my encouragement of discourse, Jason is ready to pay for Slack now that all our messages are hidden… if anyone wants to talk to him about discourse that might be helpful :slight_smile:

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100% of the teams I belong to are organizations that pay a non-trivial price per user, and I don’t believe they have storage or memory limits. I think Slack’s momentum is slowing, but I’m not sure they are doomed.

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