Do we want to proceed with the Slack->Discourse migration?

Thanks to @vgabruzzo, I think we have the problems with migration fixed and could try moving some content. @lspector asked a question, however, that I thought we wanted to address before I go and poop all over the world.

I should also say that we’re going to be disconnecting the Internet here at the house shortly, traveling tomorrow and Sunday, and getting things put back together in Morris at the beginning of the week (including re-establishing Internet at the house there), so nothing big will happen for most of a week regardless.

Continuing the discussion from Test topic created via the discourse_api gem:

I think the short answer is not really. The longer answer depends a lot on how we follow conversations on Discourse. In theory since none of us are following any of the conversations in “Slack Archives”, all that will go up without impacting things like what shows up in the little speech bubble at the top of the Discourse UI. It will, however, totally flood the “new posts” space :pensive:

In looking at these few test posts, one thing that occurs to me is that if I include all the @mcphee style user references, then we’ll all get included/notified about all those conversations, which will completely flood things for all of us that were using Slack. I’m now thinking that I should replace those with something like @ mcphee (i.e., putting a space between the ‘@’ and the name) so Discourse doesn’t see them as user references, but they could still be searched for.

All this said, the question now stands – do we want to try this migration? I can do something small like migrate the first 10 messages across just to see what that does, or we can decide this was a Bad Idea and look for an alternative way to archive the Slack content if you’re worried about flooding Discourse.

Actually, with the ability to mute categories I think we’re good. If everyone mutes the Slack Archives category and I make sure that I “break” all the user references, then I think the migration will be entirely silent from the perspective of the community, but the content will all be there for searching. :sunglasses:

As an experiment I’ve gone ahead and posted the first 10 “things”, which consists of the creations of several topics and posting a few comments in one. I didn’t “break” the usernames yet because I wanted to see how that played out, but I got a ton of notifications in my “speech bubble”, so it’s clear that we do want to break those before posting a ton of stuff.

Anyone else (especially @lspector, @thelmuth, @williamlacava or @bill) see anything that you think needs to be changed before we try to migrate a lot of content?

Cool that it’s working!

It seems to me that muting of the slack-archives category (and the pinned instruction to do this), along with the breaking of the @ references in the reposted articles (good catch!!), will probably prevent anything horrible from happening… But I wouldn’t have thought about that last one, so I’m not really confident that we’ve thought of everything bad that may happen…

I’ve muted my slack-archives category now… and if @mcphee can handle the @ thing, then perhaps the next step is another small release of 10 or so posts, before opening the floodgates? Maybe we can do the whole things in relatively small chunks, so that we can see/stop anything unanticipated? Maybe we should do it right after a full backup? :wink:

I’d say go ahead, especially if we have a backup we can revert to. Worst case scenario, would it be easy to delete the Slack Archives category and everything in it?

@lspector Another small release is entirely possible. We could do the whole thing in little chunks, but it increases some other risks (messages ending up in the wrong topic, or being duplicated), so I’d prefer to just “pull the trigger” at some point.

We can should probably do a back up before the big migration and, as @thelmuth suggested, we should just be able to wipe the Slack Archives category if things mess up.


I just re-pushed the first 20 and then re-pushed the first 30 Slack messages to testing topics in the “Slack Archives” category. Since I’d muted that whole category, and I (deliberately) “broke” the @-style user references, I didn’t get any noise on my account from any of those 50 messages.

Did that work for other people? (Especially @lspector, @thelmuth, @williamlacava or @bill)

If it did, and the message formats look OK I’d be inclined to push everything so we can call this thing done. :smiling_imp: :cake: :wave:

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I saw no noise, and looking in the Slack Archives category I see some stuff, all of which says Testing. Is that right? I guess it could be time to let 'er rip, although maybe it’s still safer, and not much more trouble, to break it into a couple of chunks? Whatever you think is best on this is fine with me. And THANKS!

Go for it!

That is correct. I deliberately preceded all the topics with “Testing” to make it easy to remove or ignore them when we do the “real” import. Presumably someone with appropriate magic powers (@lspector or @vgabruzzo?) can delete those test topics?

The problem with doing it in chunks is that I would have to make sure I save and properly use the IDs of the newly created topics, which is a whole new set of problems. I’m pretty sure that we’ve at least managed to ensure that it won’t flood everyone’s “inbox” with notifications, so the only other big worry is whether things are formatted/displayed reasonably, and without trying to test and build out a complete migration system, I think our best bet is to migrate the big pile and hope that things look OK. As long as everything stays in that category, we can presumably delete it all if it turns out to be a mess. :smile:


One big chunk! :checkered_flag:

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I haven’t had any disruptions from this stuff. keep on, Nick!

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